Solar Panel Roof Tiles and Solar-Powered Garden

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Solar panel roof tiles and solar-powered garden features are two excellent solutions if you love the idea of powering your home with solar energy, but are worried about what your neighbours will think. If this sounds like you, you are probably remembering solar panels from the seventies that sometimes looked like another house perched on the home it provided power for. And because of solar power’s reliability, I am sure that there are still a few of those panels out there, quietly providing clean energy. But today, there are a lot of solar panels out there on houses and around them that you probably haven’t noticed and there are some that you wouldn’t notice unless someone pointed them out.

Solar panel roof tiles are made with built-in photovoltaic cells and blend in with concrete, shingle or slate roof tiles. During installation solar tiles are wired together using connectors and can be installed during re-roofind of your home. There are only a few reliable companies that product solar panel roof tiles and we would recommend the following companies: General Electric, SunPower, and Premier Power.

Now if you are a “roof-purist” you won’t like the look of the solar roof tiles unless you roof your whole house in them or completely go without. You can clearly tell the difference between the photovoltaic tiles and the tiles or shingles that they are incorporated with. But they don’t stick up like regular solar panels and therefore preserve the appearance of the lines of your roof. If your house looks good in a dark-colored roof, the solar tiles will blend in even further.

Garden features are another handy way to install solar power and still look good. I have solar path lighting, accent lighting, and a solar-powered water feature. From personal experience, I can say that the best part of solar garden accents is that there is no wiring to do. At all! You don’t have to wire the lights together and more importantly, get power from the house. This means that you can light up a cozy back corner easily or rearrange your accent lighting every week. You also don’t have to worry about cutting any wires when you plant your spring flowers. See, you can have solar power and keep your property’s beauty or even add to its appeal!

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Pros and Cons of Solar Power

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Active solar energy means that electricity is generated using the sun’s heat or light, which makes it possible to run literally anything electric within the home. Because of the huge cost savings, ease of use, free power, and positive effect on the environment, this has become increasingly popular. However, anyone thinking about using this type of energy should first look at the various pros and cons of solar power so they have a full understanding.

Pros Associated With Solar Energy

When comparing solar power over other options such as nuclear or hydroelectric energy, there are many benefits. Another huge benefit is that solar energy is known as a renewable source because power comes from the sun. Then, solar panels are used for capturing and storing the energy produced naturally.

Additionally, people living in rural or remote areas can use solar energy, which is less expensive but also more practical. For instance, many rural traffic signs placed along the road or on the highway run off solar energy. What this means is that self-contained units such as this are used to notify drivers of slick or icy roads, fallen rocks, or other dangerous situations, eliminating the need for the transportation department to put out temporary warning signs along roadsides.

We have also seen more businesses turn to solar power, we spoke to Free Bets website Big Bonus Bets about how they reduced their power usage by installing solar panels on their office.

Then, solar energy cells are easy to install anywhere, simply placed on the rooftop. Because of the location, panels do not use internal home space, they do not increase height of the building, they do not block windows, and they do not take away from the building’s beauty.

Cons Associated With Solar Energy

While solar energy has far more advantages than disadvantages, there are a couple of considerations when looking at the pros and cons of solar energy. For instance, the initial cost to purchase solar panels and have them installed is high. The positive side of this is that people recoup the investment in about a year and then enjoy free energy but they need to be prepared for the initial cost.

A con associated with solar energy would be that on some days, the panels would not capture much energy from the sun’s heat and light, such as smoggy or cloudy days. The upside to this when looking at pros and cons of solar energy is that new technology has made it possible for solar panels to capture energy even in situations such as these.

The last con of solar energy is the maintenance of the panels. Solar energy panels have to be cleaned on a regular basis for them to function optimally. Obviously, if the surface of the panels were to become dirty, dusty, or covered with debris, the panels cannot capture the most amount of energy.

This means the person that has chosen to use solar panels needs to brush off the surface using a standard dust mop or they can hose the panels off with a garden hose, although the latter solution is not usually recommended in that it is considered wasteful, going against the entire concept of saving the planet. Additionally, with solar energy panels being installed on the roof, cleaning is difficult and unsafe. The bottom line is that people need to look at all the pros and cons associated with solar energy so they have the ability to make an informed decision.

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Solar Panel Electricity: Lighten Up Your Future

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Solar panel electricity is the hottest commodity in the market. No pun intended of course. The reason I am saying this is because more and more homes are embracing solar panels. They may ascribe different motives for doing so but one thing is for sure though; it is very popular today and continues to dominate. For starters solar energy is free. I mean free in the sense that it comes from the sun and the monthly overhead is close to nil. People complain about bills and how the queues in the post office to pay them are long and boy are they long. With solar panel electricity you are assured that you won’t have any monthly bills. Solar panel electricity does not accord you that responsibility.

Fuel Costs are Unthinkable Now

If you are using a generator, then you are familiar with the pains of the cost of fuel. In this day and age, the price of oil has sky rocketed. The depletion of petroleum, a non renewable source of energy, coupled with a few other politicised problems has led to a state where we cannot resort to petroleum related fuel and by products for long. This in effect means that costs will not go down anytime soon. However, there is a ray of hope solar panel electricity has allayed all our fears of lacking energy.

A Few Companies have already shown us the Way Forward

Solar panel electricity has been used to power a multitude of appliances among them watches, calculators and so on. Hitachi and Sharp have utilized solar panels in a bid to make the machine run primarily on solar energy. Mobile phones have gone solar. Just last year Vodafone released a solar powered phone to cater for the minority who lack access to electricity. Hitachi too have not been left behind as a matter of fact they unveiled a hybrid phone which can be charged electrically as well as by leaving it in the sun.

Solar panel electricity has allowed us to cross many milestones. Planes have begun to use them. A specially designed Virgin made its voyage around the world. It was powered by solar panel electricity. That is a testament of how far we have come as far as technology is concerned. The window is wide open for development. Air France have unveiled a solar powered plane with a never seen before kind of propulsion system. However, this prototype is in its developmental stages.

Enrich your value

It should be noted that some countries pay you when you generate excess solar power. How cool is that? In the US, the government pays you per kilowatt hour of the energy you generate. This is all in an effort to spur people on to make their homes energy-saving compliant. The IRS offers home owner a monthly cheque when they make their homes energy saving compliant. When you use solar panel electricity, it is just a way of saving energy making the house energy saving compliant. Plus with the added touches the house grows astronomically in value.

Choose now and Lighten up your Future

In some countries, if you default on the electric bill they literally track you down and disconnect your electricity. For them to reconnect it, it might take them a full two weeks for them to comply with your reconnection request. This is just one of the inconveniences associated with depending on a power company. If you had to choose between paying for electricity that you can depend on or free and uninterrupted, what would you opt for? When the whole world is poking into available resources of renewable source of energy, solar panel electricity is the best option you could chew upon. Look no further than this alternative if you don’t want to be harassed by the bill collectors.

In conclusion, solar panel electricity is undoubtedly the next big thing as far as all other alternative energy sources are concerned. Studies are being done to see whether it is feasible or not.

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